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Yukimura Sanada
Vital statistics
Title Yukimura Sanada
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Kyo's group / Mibu
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed (he is one of the fastest characters in the series) , Agility, Durability, Stamina, Expert Swordsman (he defeated Shindara, he is on par with post-Goyosei Kyo and his sword Techniques are unnamed), Telepathy, can tremendously boost his speed via Sekireigan and double Sekireigan, Time Manipulation (via Sekireigan and Double Sekireigan), can Blocks Enemy Attacks via Shirasagi No Hana (an Application of Sekireigan)
Status Alive
Location none
Yukimura Sanada is a famous general who lost the battle of Sekigahara and ultimately Japan

He is based of the historical japanese figure Yukimura Sanada.


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Yukimura Sanada

He has blu hair and amber eyes. He wears a red and white suit, in the beginning. Later he wears a violet suit and equips the last Muramasa sword, Tengoku


Samuraideeperkyo v16 012

Yukimura smile

Yukimura is renowned for his casual, cheerful demeanour; he is almost always seen with a smile and often seems very preoccupied with seducing beautiful women and drinking sake.
317px-Sdk v26 158

He can be terryfing when he enraged

He is thirty-seven years old, and attributes his youthful appearance to good skin care. Despite this, he can be terrifying when he is enraged. He is also notable for his treatment of his ninja followers, whom he cares about and respects deeply as members of his family. As a result, the Jūyūshi are not only loyal to him, but care about him personally


Samuraideeperkyo v11 116

Yukimura Sanada at eighteen

He escaped Kudoyama and planned the assassination of Ieyasu Tokugawa, though it was never carried out. Yukimura travels with Kyo in order to defeat the Mibu Clan and Oda Nobunaga. In doing so, this would free Japan from the Mibu Clan's shadow governing and give Yukimura a chance at taking over Japan.
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Yukimura and Jyuuyushi

Yukimura is shadowed by a team of elite ninja called the Sanada Jyuuyushi: Sasuke Sarutobi, Saizo Kirigakure, and his kagemusha Kosuke Anayama. When he was young, his childhood girlfriend, Mizuki, was killed in a massacre that could have been avoided, but was not for strategic reasons. He seems to have greatly admired the Toyotomi clan's founder, Hideyoshi, when he talked about his past, and the reason to his other given name Toyotomi Nobushige. In volume 26, he fights and defeats Shindara. He also fights Kyo to a draw in volume 27, both of them using their most powerful techniques, however Kyo is not in his true body, nor has he awakened his true red eyes. 

Sdk v25 135

Anri teaches Yukimura the Sekireigan

Yukimura shows big progress throughout the story, but most of it occurs off the page, with Yukimura simply leaving the main party and returning a stronger warrior. He trains with Anri, one of Muramasa's guards, who teaches him the Sekireigan (Eye of the Sekirei). With this he is able to move extremely fast and attack from many angles simultaneously.
Sdk v36 080

He defeated Chinmei

He later faces both Chinmei and the Former Crimson King himself, though he loses to the King, he is able to defeat Chinmei with the help of Sasuke and the Jyuyushi. Although he is not on Kyo nor Kyoshiro's level at the end, he is clearly as strong as the Four Emperors.


Samurai Deeper Kyo v14 c110 068

The Last Muramasa Masterpiece, Tengoku (1)

Sdk v36 081

The Last Muramasa Masterpiece, Tengoku (2)

In the beginning, he uses an unnamed sword in battle

Later uses one of the True Muramasa, Tengoku in both of it's forms (a staff or bow).

Powers and Abilities

Samuraideeperkyo v11 168

He is a skilled swordsman

Sdk v26 156

He is capable of killing multiple low-Kenyo with ease

Yukimura is an expert swordsman capable of killing multiple low level Kenyou with ease

His sword techniques are unnamed

1) Killing Intent / Aura

Samuraideeperkyo v11 109

Killing Intent (1)

Samuraideeperkyo v09 075

Killing Intent (2)

2) Willpower

Sdk v26 159


3) Telepathy

Samuraideeperkyo v10 075


4) Sekireigan (and Double Sekireigan)

Sdk v33 063

Double Sekireigan

Sdk v33 061


By activating this skill, his speed will be multiplied dramatically using Godspeed, creates illusions of himself, and can manipulate time. Sekireigan Duplex provides a speed boost that is twice as large as that of Sekireigan.

(It was taught to him by Anri, whom instructed him to never use it more than five times a day)


5) Shirasagi No Hana ("White Heron Flower Technique")

Sdk v36 060

Shirasagi No Ana

A very high speed technique with an ambiguous nature. But it can apparently be used to block enemy attacks at least.

(It was taught to him by Anri)

(it is comparable to Busoshoku Haki applied to a weapon)


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