Yuan of Taishirou
Also called "Yun-Yun" by Hotaru
Birthplace Mibu Land
Residence Onmyuouden Castle
Race Mibu
Birthday May 5
Age 28 (by appearance)
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 177 cm
Weight 78 Kg
Blood Type 0
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryōtarō Okiayu
Professional Status
Trained Hotaru
Affiliation(s) Hotaru (pupil and adoptive member of his family)
Occupation(s) Taishirou, Samurai, Martial Artist, Soul eater
Instructor(s) Ian (in sword fighting)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #22, Chapter #178
Wood toy propeller wings, sword
Yuan was a member of the Taishirou. He is Keikoku's (Hotaru) mentor and much to his displeasure, was nicknamed "Yun-Yun by Hotaru.


Yuan and Hotaru81 n
Yuan is blind and wears a blind fold to conceal his Red Eyes trait (his mother, Ian, put it on him because at that time, when he was a kid, have red eyes was frowned upon and you could be killed for this). He has white hair which he inherited from his father. He is a tall and muscolar man. He wears a red sleeveless suit, white pants and red shoes. On his left hand, he has a red tattoo where he primarily uses for his Genshigo.



Yuan personality

Yuan has a rather relaxed attitude and tends to joke around though he is incredibly powerful. He has a habit of sticking out his tongue. Yuan seems to care for Hotaru like a son although he has a harsh way of showing it


He is the second son of Julian and Ian.

He hated the Crimson King.

Yuan Taishirou

Yuan is a prisoner of his family

He became a Taishirou to protect his Family (he can not fight against Fubuki or Hishigi and he didn't want to become a Taishirou member. For this reason he can be considered "a prisoner of his family") but the true purpose is to learn the truth behind his mother's death

He and his father Julian seek to avenge IanInfact Julian has secretely discovered a way to avoid detention and get into the upper level of Red Tower (onmyouden Castle). He is making a shortcut for the day they avenge Ian's death (this because the Red Tower is watched very carefully by the Taishirou). There are traps all over

Yuan and child Hotaru

The First Encounter between Hotaru and Yuan

Yuan while training Hotaru1

Yuan while training Hotaru

is his beloved pupil. He found him when he was a child, he trained him in Sword Fighting and Fire Style and he he made him live in his home for many years (Yuan's Family treated him like one of them.
Sdk v30 093

Hotaru first entroduced by Yuan to his family

He was considered a member of Yuan's family). During the series Yuan fought against Hotaru (in volumes 23 and 31) to make him stronger, so that he could help him in his plan to avenge his mother 
Yuan family

Hotaru and Yuan's family

(however during the fight in volume 31, Fubuki spies on him with using his cat's eyes, so in a sense he was also forced to fight. But he managed to deceive Fubuki watchful eye using Genshigo on his cat). He lost but if he wanted (if he used his full strenght) he could have win easily

Hishigi vs Yuan

Yuan vs Hishigi

In volumes 33 and 34 he fought Hishigi and they are on par but intervenes Fubuki and was defeated. Later he used Red Eyes against Hishigi but he was defeated again by Hishigi's Red Eyes.

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Kyo saved Yuan and the others

He was saved by Kyo's awakening after his talking with First Crimson King

Powers and Abilities

Yuan style 07

Yuan Style

Yuan skills

Yuan is a master swordsman ("the Samurai of Samurai")

Yuan is a genius of combat and he is incredibly powerful. Although known primarily for his skills in Taijutsu and flame techniques, he later reveals a hidden mastery of swordsmanship (he mastered perfectly the art of wielding the sword), which he uses in tandem with the former two disciplines to create a formidable fighting style.


Yuan Genshigo1


Sdk v31 149

It can be used also on animals (1)

Genshigo effects

It can be used also on animals (2)

His deadliest power is Genshigo, the power of illusions: his victim believes she was hit, feels the pain as if it were real and ends up losing his soul (die, what).

1) Blind Fighting

Yuan agility

Blind Fighting

Yuan is blind, so his other senses are very developed, he can easily avoids enemy's attacks

2) Shingan (Minds Eye)

Yuan shingan2

Shingan (2)

Yuan shingan1

Shingan (1)

An eye technique that allows Yuan to see up to several kilometers, ignoring solid objects. With these "eyes of the soul", he can see what is happening elsewhere, in other places, as if his eyes were crossing the walls.

3) Killing Intent / Aura

Yuan killing intent

Killing Intent

4) Willpower

Yuan willpower1

Willpower (1)

Yuan willpower2

Willpower (2)

5) Pressure Control

240px-Samurai Deeper Kyo v31 c245 - 059

Pressure control

Yuan attacked Hotaru by disguising it as an insult. He told Hotaru that he would only use his legs to fight him and if Hotaru was able to force him to use his hand in any way he would spin around three times and bark like a dog. When Hotaru was finally able to do it Yuan hit him with three spinning back fist then superheated the air around him, causing a rise in air pressure in small, enclosed areas which had explosive implications.

6) Taijutsu (Hand to Hand Combat or Martial Arts)

Yuan Taijutsu1

Taijutsu (1)

Yuan Taijutsu2

Taijutsu (2)

Hand to Hand combat

Wind Blades (2)

The most striking aspect of Yuan's abilities is his prowess in close-quarter-combat. Yuan fights gracefully and relentlessly in a fluid manner, using the motions of the battle to link movements together, smoothly executing combos of kicks and punches

He can also generate shock waves and wind blades with kicks

Yuan typically relies on his hand-to-hand prowess in battle, but when he truly goes all out he combineshis martial arts with his swordsmanship to great effect (when he truly goes all out, he employs a hybrid style, that mixes his mastery of the sword with graceful hand-to-hand combat, making the most use of his exceptional agility and strength)

Yuan's Taijutsu resembles Naruto's Taijutsu (Rock LeeMight Guy) and One Piece's
Yuan Taijutsu

Wind blades (1)

 Rokushiki/Rankyaku (CP9)

  • Yuan matter is void

    Matter is void--All is vanity

    Matter Is Void--All Is Vanity: Yuan attacks his opponent with a flurry of consecutive kicks that inflicts slicing damage, rather than blunt trauma. This kicks has the same effect of a sword, they slices through and severing everything in their way

7) Genshigo

Yuan Genshigo

Genshigo (2)

508px-Yuan Genshigo

Genshigo (1)

The power of illusion. Yuan infiltrates his opponents mind and shows them illusions. By making a target believe that he has killed them he is able to destroy their minds and subsequently devour their souls. The draw back is that you need to look at the back of his hand for a period of time and if you have a strong will to live it can be broken.  

8) Fire Style

- Shakuran Entai

A blast of flames is fired at the foe.

- Fire Bunshin

Using high speed, the user quickly creates a fire clone that looks just like them and has the clone take their place. Consequently, the enemy's attack will strike the fire clone and not the person themselves, confounding the foe momentarily, making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Can also be used to successfully retreat from a battle.

- Flame Wall

Yuan summons powerful flames to block enemy attacks. He forms it as a wall in front of him or surrounds his body with flames like an armor.

- Maouen

A larger and more powerful version of Skakuran Entei.

- Kahoenbu

Traps the victim inside a barrier where the oxygen is quickly sucked out, putting out the flames within. However, the spark from the flames still remains. If the victim breaks the barrier, oxygen quickly rushes in to ignite the spark into a fiery explosion, a backdraft. Thus, the victim must choose between suffocation or taking the point blank explosion.

- Demon's Breath

Yuan demon's breath

Demon's Breath

Shoots many small blasts of black flames at the enemy. Black flames are superior to normal flames.

- Hell Crusher

A large sphere of black flames is emitted outward from the user's body. This is an omnidirectional attack.

9) Red Eyes

Yuan Red Eyes

Red Eyes (1)

Yuan red eyes

Red Eyes (2)

Yuan can call out to the Mibu blood within him for significant boost in power, which changes his eyes to crimson red