Village Head
Village head
Vital statistics
Title Village Head
Gender Female
Race Mibu
Faction She wants to help Kyo (because she believe he is the Aka no Ou) to reach Jingokumon (in which is located his true body)
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Agility, Barrier Creation
Status Deceased
Location Aokigahara Forest
He is the head of the Demon Village


Village Head

She has three eyes and white Kimono. She is dwarf


Village Head protects Aka no Ou

Village head personality

He si very loyal and waits for his return in the village



A man gave them a place to stay

The demon village is the village (in
 Aokigahara Forest) in which live the "inhumans". Only humans who are also non humans stay in this place. They are part of failure experiments of Mibu Clan. In the outside world they are called "children of Demons" and they have been abandoned. Also the aokigahara forest don' accept them in the beginning but a man (Aka no Ou or Red King) gave them a place to stay. This happened when the village head was a child. Since that day she and the other members of the village wait for the day when the Aka no ou will visit them again


She was killed by Oda Nobunaga


- Magic Barrier


Magic Barrier (2)

Magic barrier

Magic Barrier (1)

She can create a magic barrier using her big fork or the hands