Tokito1 full
時人 Tokito
Birthplace Mibu Land
Residence Onmyouden Castle
Race Mibu
Birthday June 3
Age 14 (by appearance)
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Height 160 cm
Weight 44 Kg
Blood Type A
Voice Actors
Japanese Yumi Kakazu
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Tokito's Imperial Guards
Occupation(s) Taishirou, Swordswoman
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #15, Chapter #118
  • Tarot Cards (can be used to predict the future or as weapons)
  • Hokuto Shichisei
 Tokito was a member of the Taishirou and is the supposed child of Muramasa.


Tokito8 small
Tokito is a girl who grew-up as a boy. She has green hair. She dresses a blu and white Kimono. She wears a yellow roll-in. She equips Hokuto Shichisei and cards

Her facial features resembled her uncle's, or more specifically (as Shihoudo commented) her late mother's.

In her true form, she turns into a young woman. Her short hair becomes long and scattered in a fashion similar to Fubuki's.


Tokito personality

Tokito personality (1)

Immature and cruel
, Tokito enjoys the misfortune of others.

Tokito and Muramasa

Tokito personality (2)

She is bitter towards her supposed father after he betrays the clan and flees. This hatred drives her actions for years and she refuses to accept her womanhood-also due to Fubuki's tampering with her memory. However, she is shown to have been treated illy as a child due to her father's betrayal. This bitter treatment helped form her into the angry, immature character she is.

Tokito and Onime No Kyo

Tokito personality (3)

She is very hostile and enjoys toying with others
. After learning her true parentage she is devastated, but through Akira's words she begins to turn into a better person.


Tokito is a girl who was raised and grew up as a boy. Sometime after her mother's death and Muramasa's escape, her memory was erased by Hishigi, per Fubuki's request. She was made to believe she is the daughter of Muramasa. As such, she was shunned by her fellow clansmen for carrying the blood of a traitor, causing her to be bitter.


Tokito Mibu

First encounter between Tokito and Bontenmaru

Tokito initially appears in an attempt to sway Bontenmaru to their side by promising him that the Date clan would rule should he betray Kyo. Bontenmaru refused and attacked, only for his Kosoga to be blocked.

Tokito terror

Tokito next faces Bontenmaru

Tokito would next face BontenmaruBenitora (Red Tiger) and Akira in a three-on-one battle, during which they were completely overwhelmed.

Bontenmaru would later sacrifice himself to throw the others to safety, battling Tokito until being rendered unconcious. Intrigued by his durability, Tokito instead takes him prisoner rather than killing him outright.

Later, when faced with Akira once more, Tokito is defeated by Akira's surpassing his 'limit', and left defenceless before the escaped Bontenmaru, who had awakened in his 'Beast' Mode, only to be rescued by Shihoudo at the last second.


Fubuki, Hitoki and Tokito

 would then reveal, that Tokito is the child of Fubuki and Hitoki, Muramasa's sister, who was the first recorded victim of the 'Death Disease' that has afflicted the Mibu for so long. Bontenmaru would then discover, accidentally, that Tokito is female, after he accidentaly peeks inside her clothes when trying to tend her wounds.

After learning her father is Fubuki and she has hated Muramasa for the wrong reasons she is devastated and Akira is the one who tells her that things could be worse. The other members of the party cheer her up.

At the manga's end, Tokito is seen traveling with Akira and observing him as he strengths up. She mentions that things have gotten boring recently.

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Hokuto Shichisei aura

Tokito can speak to her sword

Tokito's Hokuto Shichisei

Hokuto Shichisei

Tokito fights with the Hokuto Shichisei, one of Muramasa's masterworks, a katana that can divide into two, just like the Two dippers in the heavens.

Tokito is able to determine the destiny of people using tarot cards and the candles of fate

Tokito stopping Bontenmaru Kosoga with three finger(2)

Tokito stops Bontenmaru Kosoga with three finger (2)

Tokito strenght

Tokito stops Bontenmaru Kosoga with three finger (1)

In spite of being young, Tokito seems very strong, as being able to stop Bontenmaru's Kosoga with only three finger

1) Killing Intent / Aura

Tokito killing intent

Killing Intent

2) Willpower

Tokito willpower

Willpower (1)

Tokito's willpower

Willpower (2) (in her true form, she repelled Akira's Ice only with her aura)

It resembles to Auras of Ki in Dragon Ball



3) (Tokito) Cards

Tokito's cards

Tokito Cards (2)

Tokito cards

Tokito Cards (1)

Tokito can utilize them to predict the future or as weapons

4) Disguise

Tashiro Tokito

Disguise (2)

Samuraideeperkyo v15 072

Disguise (1)

Tokito (similar to' 'Chinmei) can take on the appareance of a person (for example Akira

5) Candle Dimension (or Gap of Time)

Gap of time

Candle Dimension

Candle dimension

Tokito can blow out her opponent's life candle, killing them

Tokito and her opponent are quickly sent into a dimension full of lit candles. Each candle represents a person's life. Tokito can blow out her opponent's life candle, killing them. However, this only works on human beings.

6) Mist (or Fog)

Tokito's fog


This a ninja technique: Tokito utilize a sort of "mist" to leave battlefield (similar to Saizo and Hishigi)

7) Levitation (combined with Super Speed)

Tokito speed


8) Hokuto Shichisei (Style)

- Hokuto Seven Stars

Tokito first star

Hokuto Seven Stars (First Star)

Tokito rushe
Hokuto seven stars

Hokuto Seven Stars (the other stars)

s the opponent and deals a series of vicious sword strike combinations.

- Blue Skies, Silver Nebula

Blue skies silver nebula

Blu Skies, Silver Nebula (2)

Blue Skies Silver Nebula

Blue Skies, Silver Nebula (1)

The True Nature of this attack cannot be concluded, but it seems to be some kind of energy projectile attack.

9) True Form (Full power)

Tokito true form

Tokito True Form (Full Power)

Tokito true strenght

Tokito's true strenght (and speed)

Tokito's hair lengthens and she is taller and looks older in this form. Her combat stats are increased significantly. In this form she was able to tank Akira's Holy Mother's Reflection on Ice attack with no apparent difficulty