太白 Taihaku
Residence Goyosei Gates
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 201 cm
Weight 90 Kg
Voice Actors
Japanese Souichiro Tanaka
Professional Status
Team(s) Head of Goyosei
Occupation(s) Head of the Goyosei, Samurai
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #15, Chapter #99
His sword
Taihaku is the Head of Goyosei


He has blond hair and tan skin. He is a very tall and muscular man. He wears a black dress and yellow foulard


Taihaku personality

Taihaku personality

He is a very kind person
who saves and secretly raises many of the Mibu "rejects"


Taihaku in the past

Taihaku in the past

Long time ago, he was a defeated samurai. He lost in a battlefield and his body was badly wounded. He ran away to the forest of Aokigahara.

Taihaku and FCK

Former Crimson King saved Taihaku in Aokigahara Forest

When he was about to die, Former Aka No Ou appeared and saved his life. He entered Mibu Clan and to repay him, he became the head of Goyosei. He is actually a human whose lifespan was lengthened by the Aka no Ou. He encountered Kyo and his group at the fourth Goyosei Gate (he ask Shinrei to go before him, brcause he want to meet again Yuya) and fought against Benitora. He managed to severely wound Benitora before he was defeated. 

Taihaku and Nozomu

He knows Shatora very well

He knows many things about the Mibu Clan and knows Nozomu Shiina very well


Fubuki kills Taihaku

Fubuki kills Taihaku

He was killed by Fubuki because he "betrayed" the Mibu by wanting to join Kyo in defeating them

Abilities / Notable Attacks

High level-samurai Taihaku

Taihaku is the perfect Samurai

Unlike the other four Stars, Taihaku does not hold powers over an element. Though his tattoo is of the character for gold, he doesn't wield a "golden power". Rather, Taihaku is the perfect samurai. His skills, determination, and power is unmatched by all but Benitora.

Taihaku speed

Taihaku speed

He has incredible speed despite his appearance. He is far above BikaraBenitora was unable to react to, or even perceive, his sword, Bontenmaru also noted that the speed of his sword was "astounding" and "frightening")

- Killing Intent

Taihaku killing intent

Killing Intent

- Zan Ashura Sho

Taihaku Zan Ashura Sho

Zan Ashura Sho

Taihaku assaults his opponent with 10 consecutive slashes executed at extreme speeds, giving the impression they happen simultaneously