Spade profilepic
Residence Onmyouden Castle
Race Mibu
Age Unknown
Status Deceased (killed by Chinmei, who took his place)
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Head of Tokito's Imperial Guards, Magician
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #28, Chapter #223
  • Magical tricks
  • Magical Cloack
[[Category:Deceased (killed by Chinmei, who took his place)]] Spade is the head of Tokito's Imperial guards.


He wears a long white dress with engraved the symbol of Spade (for this reason his name is Spade)

He also wears white gloves, glasses and brings with him a hat that is uses to perform the magic tricks. He has long hair linked on a side


Spade and Tokito

He is very devoted to Tokito

He seems very devoted to Tokito, which performs all orders


He makes a short appearance, and we don't know much about him aside from the fact that he seems to know his Master well (such as his weaknesses)

Spade first appearance

Spade first appearance

Spade vs Akira and Benitora

He overhelmes and leads them to Tokito

He first appeares in volume 28, in which overhelmes BontenmaruBenitora and Akira and and he leads them to Tokito.

Spade vs Benitora

Spade vs Benitora

Later appear in volume 32 in which he fights against Benitora together with Crimson King Forbidden Army.

Spade and FCK

Spade brings Hokuto Sshichisei to FCK

After Tokito's defeat against Akira, he stole Hokuto Shichisei and bring it to Former Crimson King, revealing as Chinmei (so probably at one point of the story he was killed by Chinmei who took his place)

Spade in truth was not a Tokito's guard but he always worked for Fubuki (Fubuki used his Tokito for her blood, being the daughter of him and Muramasa's sister, Hitoki.


Spade with Hokuto Shichisei

Spade wielding Hokuto Shichisei

He is a Magician and probably also a swordsman (he can easily handle Hokuto Shichisei) Spade is certain that he is stronger than the other Cards.

- Sleight of Hands / Magical Tricks

Spade magical tricks

Magical Tricks

- Magical Cloak

Spade magical cloak

Magical Cloack (2)

Spade Magical Cloak

Spade Magical Cloack (1)

It can do disappear an object or a person (including himself, he can escape from battle using magical cloak)

- Complete Control on Crimson King's Forbidden Army

Spade and Crimson King's forbidden army

Complete control on Crimson King's Forbidden Army (1)

Spade and FCK forbidden army

Complete control on Crimson King's Forbidden Army (2)

Spade and forbidden army vs Benitora

Complete control on Crimson King's Forbidden Army (3)

He can issue orders to this soldiers


Later in the story we learn also that Spade was in truth one of Fubuki Imperial Guards.