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Shiseiten (or The Four Saintly Heavens or The Four Emperor ) is a group of the four most powerful samurai: AkiraBontenmaruHotaru, and Akari.



Kyo with Shiseiten

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Shiseiten four years before

These four "emperors" were united and led by Demon Eyes Kyo. They fought in the most remarkable civil war of Japan, called "The Battle of Sekigahara". To the Shiseiten, the world was their playground; they defeated every nation in Japan.

This ended abruptly when Kyo suddenly decided to abandon the Shiseiten to become the strongest samurai. The Shiseiten split up with everyone following their own path.

Four years later, in the story of Samurai Deeper Kyo, the Shiseiten have reunited in order to challenge the Mibu Clan


In the anime series, the Shiseiten do not exist as a group, and only Akira and Hotaru appear.


- Getten Kobu

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Getten Kobu (1)

Samuraideeperkyo v14 141

Getten Kobu (2)

A combined attack between Akira and Bontenmaru. Akira uses Muhyo Getten, along with Bontenmaru's Kosoga, producing a frozen shockwave that can bring about as much power as five individual attacks. However, this attack can only be used once a day.

- Combined Attack between Akira and Hotaru

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Combined attack between Akira and Hotaru (2)

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Combined attack between Akira and Hotaru (1)

- Shi Sei Shi Ten Shou

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Shi Sei Shi Ten Shou (2)

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Shi Sei Shi Ten Shou (1)

The Shiseiten's ultimate attack. When all four of the Shiseiten are gathered and attack at full power, an attack with undefeatable destructive power is unleashed and all enemies are destroyed.

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