真達羅 Shindara
"The Undying" (alias)
  • Sasuke Sarutobi (true name)
Race Human
Age Unknown, likely mid 30's
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Trained Saizo Kirigakure
Occupation(s) Junishinsho, Jyuuyushi, Ninja master, Swordsman
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #5, Chapter #37
his ninjato and a sword
 Shindara the Undying, the former Sasuke Sarutobi, is an ally of Oda Nobunaga and the Mibu Clan.


He has black hair and wears a long black cloack and pants. He has a scar and the word "God" on the left cheek


Shindara loyalty

Shindara personality

Being one of Jyuuyushi, he is very devoted to Yukimura Sanada. He is very loyal and wants to protect him, to the point that he joined the Mibu to save his life similar to Yukimura's brother (that joined the Tokugawa to protect Yukimura family after the battle of Sekigahara). 


Shindara in the past

Shindara in the past

Shindara formerly served Yukimura Sanada as Sasuke Sarutobi.

Shindara and Tokito

Tokito's prediction about Yukimura

However, he left Yukimura's side when Tokito told him that Yukimura would die in 10 years without ever reaching the highest power

Shindara the Undying

Shindara the undying

After that, he joined the Mibu Clan and became Shindara the Undying, having his body modified so he could tolerate even the most extreme of wounds.


When the current Sasuke Sarutobi, Yukimura, and several other allies reached Hishigi's workshop, they met several infants, created by Hishigi. After those infants attempted to blow up Sasuke along with themselves, Shindara takes the blow instead.

Although Sasuke notes that he is Shindara the Undying, Shindara tells him that he would never recover from such a blast, revealing that the entire lower portion of his body has been blown away, leaving only his arms up intact. Shindara begs Sasuke to protect Yukimura with all his might, then dies.

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Shindara ninja

Shindara is a highly skilled ninja...

Shindara swordsman

...and also a skilled swordsman

He is a master of ninja arts (including black widow spider manipulation, bunshins/clones, and martial arts and a skilled swordsman

He and (True) Haira are the strongest Junishinsho

- Killing Intent / Aura

Bikara and Shindara killing intent

Killing Intent

- Shikaionjyu (The Devil of Sea of Death)

Shindara "unlimited regenration"

Shikai Onjuu (2)

Shikai Onjuu

Shikai Onjuu (1)

The power of "unlimited regeneration". Though not literally so, this power does afford Shindara considerable regenerative power.

- Elemental Manipulation (earth, fire, air and water)

Shindara fire

Elemental Manupulation (1)

Shindara's fire

Elemental Manipulation (3)

Shindara water

Elemental Manipulation (2)

 - Utsusemi


Utsusemi (1)

Shindara utsusemi

Utsusemi (2)

Using high speed, the user quickly switches places with another nearby object, usually a log or tree branch. Confounds the foe momentarily, making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Can also be used to successfully retreat from a battle.

- Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

- Seeds of Fire

Shindara seeds of fire

Seeds of Fire (1)

Seeds of fire

Seeds of Fire (2)

Small hard to notice seeds are let loose into the air and surround the enemy. The seeds burst into a small fiery explosion at the user's will.

- Jikuu Hen’isou

Jikuu Hen’isou

Jikuu Hen'iso (1)

Jikuu Hen’isou1

Jikuu Hen'iso (2)

Jikuu Hen’isou2

Jikuu Hen'iso (3)

Shindara warps reality to convert 12-15 illusionary golems into real constructs. Each golem has attack power equal to Shindara himself.

- Goma Shimendou (Surrounding Incense Temple)

Goma Shimendou

Goma Shimendou (Surrounding Incense Temple)

Shindara creates eight clones of himself that surround and enclose his opponent before releasing a fairly large burst of flame from each of their hands. He can also release the attack from his own hands without the aid of clones if necessary.