Shichiro Uemon, Korestu and Motonaka Saeki
Shichiro Uemon, Korestu and Motonaka Saeki
Vital statistics
Title Shichiro Uemon, Korestu and Motonaka Saeki
Gender Males
Race Human
Faction famous and wanted Criminals
Health Healthness
Level Shichiro Uemon has Superhuman Strenght and Motonaka Saeki is a Swordsman. Korestu is a normal Human
Status Motonaka Saeki is dead, the others are alive
Location Shogun Tournament
They are the participants of Shogun Tournament


Uemon Shichiro

Shichiro Uemon

Uemon Shichiro has a superhuman Strenght and eats the corpes of peoples he kills



handles a Scyth and has a strange obsession of killing women (in the western region it find bodies of prostitutes in the river)

Motonaka Saeki

Motonaka Saeki

Motonaka Saeki
is a swordsman. In the past he was a high class warrior but today is a man that do anything for money (a mercenary). He was defeated by Benitora

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