Shatora of Junishinsho
招杜羅 Shatora
Nozomu Shiina (true identity)
Race Shaman
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Team(s) Junishinsho
Occupation(s) Head of Junishinsho, Shaman
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #23, Chapter #188
Sakuya (sister)
Shatora is the leader of the Junishinsho the foster-brother of Yuya Shiina, and the real brother of Sakuya, Nozomu


Nozomu Shiina
In the beginning Nozomu's eyes are hidden by his bangs (similar to his sister), but they are eventually revealed. He has bangs and short and black hair. He is dressed with a standard kimono (despite being a shaman)


Before he was resurrected becoming Shatora, Nozomu was a very kind and good person. He take much care of Yuya, like a real sister or a daughter


Nozomu Shiina and child Yuya

Shatore before being killed with Yuya (he is telling her Mibu deepest secret)

He was killed by Kyoshiro Mibu who was tricked by Chinmei into doing so (Chinmei tells Kyoshiro there was a person that wanted to kill Sakuya), for learning the Mibu's deepest secret (because he saw the past of Former Crimson King).

Nozomu Shiina and Nobunaga

His body was infused with the soul of Oda Nobunaga

He was resurrected by the Mibu Clan, but his body was infused with the soul of Oda Nobunaga


He is killed again by Demon Eyes Kyo at his own request.


Nozomu is the strongest shaman

Nozomu is the strongest shaman

Nozomu saw into FCK past

Nozomu saw into Former Crimson King's past

Nozomu is the strongest Shaman.

He was able to see into the past of a person even without touching her (and see into FCK past).

In addition to his ability to see the past, he could resurrect any Jūnishinshō that had been beaten and killed making him a very valuable asset.

He also has regenerative capabilities.



Shatora and Nobunaga's regeneration


 Dead Revive

Dead Revive1

Dead Revive (2)

Dead Revive

Dead Revive (1)



Shatora in the anime

In the anime Shatora is actually Oichi-no-kata, the biological sister of Nobunaga Oda who is in love with her own brother and supports him in his goal of turning the world into " a hell of battles " so they can be together as lovers in the new world. She is a skilled swordswoman and magician who has the ability to create artificial bodies and transfer human souls, which she uses to revive her brother, first in his tree body and then later in Kyo's body.