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Sasuke Sarutobi
Vital statistics
Title Sasuke Sarutobi
Gender Male
Race Mibu
Faction Yukimura Ten Braves / Rare Breed
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Durability, Agility, Stamina (he defeated Chinmei with the True Red Eyes), Skilled Swordsman, Expert Ninja, Skilled in using Shuriken, the Ability to Create and Manipulate Lightning with his sword, can Power Up by Speaking to his Sword and via Fake Red Eyes (with Fake Red Eyes activated he destroyed an Indara Diamond Arm only with his physical Strenght)
Status Alive
Location Kudo Mountain / Aokigahara Forest / Mibu Land
Sasuke is a major supporting character in Samurai Deeper Kyo (both anime & manga), he is one of Yukimura's loyal samurai and companions.


Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 8.47.53 PM
He has gray hair and amber eyes. He wears a white jacket and short aqua green pants. He always brings a kind of toy with him which can serve as a weapon. In the beginning he equips a Muramasa sword, similar to Kyo's Tenrou and later Shibien.


Sdk v36 063

He is very attached to Yukimura Sanada

He appears cold and ruthless, but in reality he is very attached to Yukimura Sanada and would sacrifice his life for him. With the passing of time, he develops a friendship also for the other members of the group (and he is ready to protect also Yuya). He has a friend rivalry with Benitora.


Sasuke Sarutobi is a young ninja who is one of three members of the Sanada Jyuuyushi who appears prominently throughout Samurai Deeper Kyo. He is only 12 years old.

Sdk v24 052

Sasuke and Kotarou in their childhood

Originally, he lived in Aokigahara (a forest filled with the failed constructs of the Mibu) with his friend Kotarou (now Makora of the Junishinsho). Being of the Forest, he has heightened strength and abilities as well as characteristic golden eyes. Because he grew up in the forest, he was feared by society.

Samuraideeperkyo v13 051

The first encounter between Yukimura and Sasuke

Yukimura embraced him when he was still young, and since, he has become known as the most powerful shinobi among the Sanada Ten Braves. Sasuke was involved in most of Yukimura's plots, but was ultimately left out of Yukimura's deception of the Mibu Clan as Yukimura needed even Sasuke to believe he'd betrayed his friends in order for the Mibu to believe it as well.


Sasuke profilepicture

Sasuke wields Shibien

Samuraideeperkyo v06 157

Sasuke wields a Muramasa

Sasuke originally wielded a Muramasa blade, which was physically identical to Kyo'Tenro (one of the four masterpieces that Muramasa forged), but when that Muramasa was cracked in a duel with Demon Eyes Kyo (a fight to determine who had the real Tenrou) he was given the Shibien - the oldest of Muramasa's Four Masterpieces

He use also Shuriken and a kind of toy (a hammer with a ball, see photo)
Samuraideeperkyo v10 091 (1)


Samuraideeperkyo v12 168

Sasuke using his toy

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Sdk v36 051

Sasuke is able to speak with his sword

He is an expert ninja and a skilled swordman.

Sasuke has control over lightning techniques.

He's a very formidable opponent, as he was able to overpower True Red Eyed Chinmei (a Red Cross Knight), with the Sanada Jyuuyushi backing him up.


1) Utsusemi

Samuraideeperkyo v08 033

Utsusemi (2)

Samuraideeperkyo v07 019

Utsusemi (1)

Using high speed, the user quickly switches places with another nearby object, usually a log or tree branch. Confounds the foe momentarily, making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Can also be used to successfully retreat from a battle.

2) Shuriken

Samuraideeperkyo v10 091 (1)



3) Hibernation

Samuraideeperkyo v13 067

Hibernation (1)


Hibernation (2)

This is a ninjutsu technique that replaces lost energy by lowing the body’s activities to their lowest possible levels causing it to enter a resting state.

4) (Fake) Red Eyes

Sasuke Red Eyes

Fake Red Eyes(1)

Sdk v24 107

Fake Red Eyes(2)

Sasuke can call out to the Mibu blood within him for significant boost in power, which changes his eyes to crimson red.

Red Eyes Strenght

he stopped and destroyed an Indara diamond arm.

With Fake Red Eyes activated, only with his physical strenght, he stopped and destroyed an Indara diamond arm.

5) Willpower (with Fake Red Eyes)

Sdk v24 117

Willpower (1)

Sdk v24 118

Willpower (2)

6) Raikoken

Samuraideeperkyo v13 046


A technique which electrifies Sasuke's sword.

- Mouraien/Thunder Net (Lightning web)

Samuraideeperkyo v13 059


This technique traps Sasuke's enemies in a web of lightning whiche never lets go.

Samuraideeperkyo v13 062

Thunder Storm

- Thunder Flower Storm (Raijin Raikaran)

Sasuke can bring a barrage of lightning bolts down around himself and his enemy.

- Raijin Hou No Ikazura (Thunder Fire)

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Raijin Honoikazuchi

Sasuke draws lightning from the sky to fire it down unto his opponent.

- Raijin-Koubouno Ikazuchi (thunder tail)

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Thunder Tail

Thunder tail1

Thunder tail (after he speak with his sword)

This is a technique that connects Sasuke's lightning to his sword allowing him to kill an enemy with a physical strike.

- Hiraijin Kirin/Secret Thunder Sword Thunder


Hiraijin Kirin

Sasuke's ultimate technique is Kirin which creates a lightning winged pegasus that electrocutes and burns all it touches when it returns to heaven.

7) Maximum Power (with the help of Jyuuyushi and after talking to Shibien)

Sdk v36 069

Maximum Power (1)

Sdk v36 071

Maximum Power (2)

Sdk v36 072

Maximum Power (3)

With this power, he was able to defeat Chinmei's True Red Eyes


Sasuke's Raikoken resembles One Piece's Goro Goro no Mi (Enel)


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