Sakuya10 n

Full Name

Sakuya Shiina








December 1


159 cm


46 kg

Blood Type


Three Sizes (Estimated)



Nozomu Shiina (Older Brother)

Kyoshiro Mibu (Lover)

Sakuya is the romantic interest of both Kyoshiro Mibu and Demon Eyes Kyo, and is revered by many, including the two and Yukimura Sanada. In the beginning of the story, Sakuya was under the protection of Yukimura. It has been debated on whether Sakuya is a "Mary Sue" or not, considering her great physical beauty, strength, and admiration received from many characters in the series.


For the majority of the series, Sakuya's eyes are hidden by her bangs, but they are eventually revealed. She has bangs and long, black hair. She is usually seen in a shaman robe. She is buxom


Sakuya is a kind and sweet person. She is also gentle, caring, and friendly towards people. She puts a great amount of trust in her friends and allies, and puts them ahead of herself. She is extremely clumsy though, much to the amusement of characters that are unfamiliar with her already (Yuya Shiina) and often trips over things.


Sakuya witch

She is a seer

Sakuya is a very powerful woman within the clan who has won the loyalties of many people, including Sanada Yukimura. She can predict the future, as she is a seer. Her brother, Shiina Nozomu (Shatora of Junishinsho) being a Shaman, could see into a person's past. She had something to do with the outcome of the Battle of Sekigahara and the appearance/disappearance of Demon Eyes Kyo. In the manga, she does not show any physical manifestations of power. 

Sakuya and Kyoshiro

Sakuya and Kyoshiro

It is clarified that she had always been in love with Kyoshiro, not Kyo, and remains in love with Kyoshiro while being worried over Kyo. Kyo is, however, seen as a dear friend to her and Kyoshiro. She is yet again, shown as the initial reason for the disagreement, and eventually the body stealing/soul swapping, between Kyo and Kyoshiro.


Sakuya, the "fortune teller"

Sakuya is able to see the future

She can predict the future (she is a Shaman and a seer).

She can see the future but she can not change it.




Sakuya in the anime

In the anime, she is shown using her powers physically, and it is heavily implied that both Kyo and Kyoshiro were apparently in love with her at some point, as she was with them; in the early part of the series they are actively searching for her.


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