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Vital statistics
Title Mika
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction none
Health Healthy
Level No special abilities
Status Alive
Location Fugitive's Village
Mika is a child living in the "fugitives village"


She is a child. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a black kimono


She is very attached to his village, especially to his father (his mother is dead). She is a kind person. She want only to live in peace, without continually escape


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The rumors about Fugitive's Village

Four years after the Sekigahara battle, the goverment was set up at Edo and, little by little, the world was able to regain the stability it once had. But some fighters of the western army who had lost the battle,
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The truth about village (1)

wanted by government, were forced to survive like fugitives across the country. Waiting for the day when the Tokugawa 
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The truth about village (2)

government will fails, they are getting ready by strenghtening their army; by kidnapping people and by pillaging what they can. One this is where Mika lives. But this are only rumors. In truth they are a really nice people. They saved Yuya from a wolves attack and they gave her a feast. They should always run away, they avoid other's looks every day. Mika's mom was killed on the road because it found out that she was part of a fugitive's family. Her brother was sick and died with out-seeing a doctor, he was only six years old


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Mika attacked by wolves

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Mika's father

Mika is attacked by wolves while he was out of the village. Kyoshiro saved her (with a pheromone potion) and goes to the village (in which finds Yuya). Meanwhile, Okuni send a letter to the pleasure village's administrator sayng that there is Demon Eyes Kyo in the village. Jimon, a yojimbo, rushes to village to take revenge against Kyo and begin to attack and kill everyone. He hurts also Mika's father. Kyoshiro then gets in the way to defend Mika but he don't want to fight. So it comes out Demon eyes Kyo and after a short fight kills Jimon. As they are leaving the father of Mika tells Kyoshiro and Yuya that Kyo saved them in the past, opening a bloody way during the war.