Masayuki Sanada
Masayuki Sanada
Vital statistics
Title Masayuki Sanada
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Daimyo, Sanada Clan
Health Healthness
Level Daimyo, Swordsman, Expert Tactician
Status Alive
Location Jokamachi (in the past) / Kudo Mountain (in the present)
Masayuki Sanada is the Daimyo of the Sanada Clan and the father of Yukimura and Nobuyuki


Sanada Masayuki
He appears in the flashback of volume 11, in which he fights against Tokugawa army in Jokamachi and at the same time seeks to awaken Yukimura "inner dragon". In the present, he stay in exile in Kudo Mountain with the rest of Sanada Clan (because the Sanada was defeated in the battle of Sekigahara)

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