Residence Edo
Race Human
Birthday July 1
Age 19
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 48 Kg
Measurements B86-W59-H87
Blood Type A
Voice Actors
Japanese Mikako Takahashi
Professional Status
Team(s) Ninjas of Iga
Affiliation(s) Ieyasu Tokugawa (master)
Benitora (Red Tiger) (son of Ieyasu)
Occupation(s) Kunoichi
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #3, Chapter #23
Knife, Shurikens
Mahiro is the only female Ninja of Iga (Female Ninja or Kunoichi)


She has long wavy black hair and brown eyes. She wears a black ninja suit  and a red roll-on. She is very buxom. She equips a knife and shuriken


He loved her sister and is very loyal to Ieyasu. She is not evil. Before his sister death (four years before), she was a kind and smiling girl and fell in love with Kyo, when he came to Muramasa's house to obtain Tenro. As a fierce kunoichi, she is usually seen with a stoic expression. However, in reality, she is a gentle and kind young woman who is somewhat shy in revealing her softer feminine side (evident when she presented herself to Benitora wearing a kimono). It is strongly hinted that she loves her master, Hidetada Tokugawa (Benitora).


She has a sister named Mayumi (Muramasa's wife). Mayumi was attacked by Chinmei and was killed giving Demon Eyes Kyo the Muramasa. But Mahiro only saw Kyo with a bloody sword and her dead sister. She decided to take revenge.


Spider-manipulator Mahiro

She sets up to kill Kyo

Four years later, she is a trained ninja and sets out to kill Kyo. When she, Benitora (Red Tiger) and Sasuke Sarutobi catch up to the third gate, Mahiro overhears Chinmei telling the story about him and Kyo's meeting. She discovers that it was Chinmei, not Kyo, who killed Mayumi.


Mahiro anime

Mahiro in the anime

In the anime, a Kenyo attacked her as she gave Kyo the sword and asked him to kill her with it - Mahiro saw Kyo killing her sister, but she didn't know Mayumi asked Kyo to kill her. When she fought Kyo and discovered the truth, she was going to kill herself, but Kyo stopped her. He told her that she should live on to avenge her sister).


Female ninja


Mahiro Knife

Mahiro main weapon (1)

Mahiro knife1

Mahiro main weapon (2)

Mahiro is a spiders manipulator and a kunoichi (a female ninja).

She use a knife and shuriken as a weapons


- Shuriken

Mahiro shuriken


- Willpower

Mahiro Willpower


With only willpower, Mahiro was able to move a broken arm and hit Chinmei

- Disguise

Mahiro disguise


Mahiro can take the appearance of a person (for example Yuya)

- Burial site

Burial site

Burial site

Mahiro throws poisonous spiders opponent

- Spider Web (or threads)

Mahiro spider web

Spider Web (2)

Spider Web

Spider Web (1)

Used to immobilize the opponent

Lost Spider Technique: The Secret Technique Arachnid Puppeteer

The Secret Technique Arachnid Puppeteer

The Secret Technique Arachnid Puppeter

Spider venom paralyzes the victim’s nerves and controls their actions allowing the puppeteer to control them wholly by spider silk threads. This technique resembles One Piece's Ito Ito no Mi (Doflamingo)


  • Muramasa is not the brother of Mahiro! (Mahiro consider him as a brother because she, Mayumi and Muramasa are like a real family). Mahiro has only a sister, Mayumi (Muramasa's wife)