Kusanagi Sword

310px-Kusanagi sword

She is able to speak with her sword

Shihoudou's Weapon.

It is a Legendary Sword in which the  Eight Headed Snake (or Yamata no Orochi) lives.

Kusanagi Sword is one of the three sacred treasures of Shinto.

Yamata no Orochi

Yamata no Orochi

Yamata No Orochi

Cloud manipulation

Cloud manipulation

Yamata no Orochi
is a monster of Shinto mythology. It is said that Susanoo slayed the Eight Headed and Eight Tailed Snake that could devour Kushinada-Hime. The Yamata no Orochi was a Serpent with Eight Heads and Eight Tails. It's Length was extended over Eight Mountains and Valleys. It has Trees growing on it's body.

This Sword allows its possessor to control the clouds.

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