Kosuke Anayama
Vital statistics
Title Kosuke Anayama
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Sanada Clan
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght (she is able to hunt a bear), Skilled Swordswoman, Kagemusha (She is Yukimura Sanada Shadow)
Status Alive
Location Kudo Mountain / Mibu Land
Kosuke Anayama is Yukimura Sanada's kagemusha (or shadow)


She has blue hair and dresses like Yukimura (she is his shadow or kamemusha). She is very buxom and has lipstick


She is a kind person and is very devoted to Yukimura


She belongs to the Sanada Jyuuyushi and she is also the female double of Yukimura.

Her main responsibility at the beginning is to remain in Kudoyama and take care of Sakuya


In the anime, it is shown that she is in love with her master.


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