Vital statistics
Title Kitsunebi
Gender Male
Race Mibu
Faction Mibu Clan
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Skilled Ninja (expert in a technique called Bakujinen), Skilled Swordsman (he easily parried a sword attack from Kyo)
Status Deceased
Location Street by the castle (Mibu Land)
He is the "street by the castle" leader


He is cruel and evil (he ruthless killed an his subordinate and insulted Muramasa, died shortly before)


He appeared in volume 15. He is the first enemy met by Kyo when he and his group entered Mibu Clan. He insulted Muramasa (considered a traitor for his left by Mibu Clan) and he was killed in a fight by Kyo (using the true Mizuchi)

Abilities / Notable Attacks



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