Birthplace Mibu Land
Race Mibu
Age Several thousand years old
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Shihoudou (best friend)
Occupation(s) Swordsmith, Swordsman, Needles master
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #31, Chapter #250
Banjo, Sword, Needles
Julian is the father of Yuan and the teacher of Muramasa


Julian with his Banjo
Julian has long untidy white hair and a obscenely badass attire. He always brings with him a banjo and a katana (utilized by Yuan in the fight against Fubuki and Hishigi)


Julian personality

Julian personality

As Yuan described him, Julian is a troublemaker and a sly fox. Furthermore, he has an easygoing and laid-back demeanor.

Julian sings

He often carries a guitar and sings

He often carries a guitar and sings in a somewhat comical manner.

Julian and Ian

Julian and Ian

Like his son, Yuan, he seeks to avenge his wife, Ian.


Julian with Muramasa weapons

He can handles very well also Muramasa weapons...

He is the 
Julian speaks with Muramasa weapons

...and he can speak to them

blacksmith of the Mibu Clan (Gifted at making weapons, he taught Muramasa how to smith).

He is also a needles master

Julian vs Forbidden Army

He defeat alone an enemy army (Crimson King's army)

His fighting ability is only above average overall

Julian speed

He "escape" using his Super Speed

Julian jokes with Kyo

He "jokes" with Demon Eyes Kyo

His speed is exceptional, he completely speedblitzed post Goyosei arc Kyo and Sasuke 

Over that in combat, it can be used to flee from a battle

Julian vs Taishirou

Can counter Taishiro level in battle

He can also counter Taishirou level fighters in battle.  

- Needles

Julian needles

Needles (1)

Julian needles on swords

Needles (2)

They can be used as weapons, to Power Up, to Shut Down the opponent's body, to heal and to unlock another person's latent power and, only in the case of Julian, also to destroy the swords made by him (because he is a blacksmith)


He is Muramasa's master only as blacksmith