Jinpachi Nezu
Jimpachi and Kamanosuke
Vital statistics
Title Jinpachi Nezu ( he is the man on the right )
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Sanada Clan
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Agility, Durability, Expert Ninja, Telepathy, Skilled in fighting with the Weapon that is attached on his Left Arm (it looks like a Blade of some sort, like two Long Claws)
Status Alive
Location Kudo Mountain / Edo / Mibu Land
Jinpachi is a member of Jyuuyushi


Jinpachi is quite similar to Kamanosuke Yuri


He was a disciple of Shindara when he was still Sasuke of the Sanada Jyuuyuushi.


Jinpachi and Kamanosuke in action

Jinpachi and Kamanosuke in action

Jinpachi's weapon is attached on his left arm, which looks like a blade of  some sort, like two long claws




- Utsusemi

Jinpachi and Kamanosuke utsusemi

Utsusemi (2)

Jimpachi and Kamanosuke utsusemi

Utsusemi (1)

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