True Indara
Vital statistics
Title True Indara
Gender Female
Race Mibu/Berserker
Faction Junishinsho
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Skilled in Fighting with a Big Fan, She can Control People Mind and Objects around her with a song (she can also Use this Song on Herself to make her Arms as Hard as Diamond)
Status Deceased
Location Mibu Land
She is a member of Junishinsho


Indara berserker

She is a cruel Berserker

She is a cruel Berserker 

She has a tendency to repeat herself.


Sasuke hits Makora

Makora was temporally controlled by Real Indara

She caused a confrontation between Makora (Kotarou) and Sasuke when they were still young (because she wanted to kill Sasuke to eat him and live longer)


She was defeated by Sasuke's Rage and Red Eyes .

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Indara's iron fan

Indara fights with an Iron Fan (2)

Indara iron fan

Indara fights with an Iron Fan (1)

She has the ability to control living things (humans, like Fake Indara and Makora) and inanimate things (such as nature) with her song.

She also wielded an iron fan

She also has a tendency to repeat herself.

- Genei (or Shadow)

Indara shadow


- Silent Breath

Silent breath

Silent Breath

Silent Breath on Okuni

True Indara manipulate Fake Indara (Okuni Izumono) mind

Silent Breath on rocks

True Indara controls rocks

It is a technique that allows Indara to manipulate human mind and objects around her (by altering their rhythm)


Silent Breath on Indara

True Indara uses Silent Breath on herself (1)

Indara vs Sasuke

True Indara uses Silent Breath on herself (2)

Perfoming Silent Breath on herself, Indara can transform parts of their body into anything they wish, even bladed weapons for example


2) Fake Indara (or Indara II)

(see Izumo no Okuni)