Tokito's fighting style

Tokito focuses on quick, precise strikes (1)

The terror of Hokuto Shichisei

Hokuto Shichisei style

’s style is based off of the Hokuto Shichisei the asterism of seven stars that has been recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures from time immemorial. On the mainline of china, they split it into two groups four stars are called Tokai the other three are called Tohyo. The comprising stars are the seven brightest of the formal constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear Constelation. Hokuto Shichisei is also the name of Tokito’s weapon.
Tokito's fighting style

​Tokito focuses on quick, precise strikes (2)

Tokito focuses on quick, precise strikes, always aiming to hit her opponent's vital points in battle. She uses misdirection in her attacks though doing so allows for holes in her defense. However this is just a ploy meant to trap opponent by giving them a false sense of security. The Hokuto Shichisei can be seperated into two swords, each representing the group of stars forming the Big Dipper, kai (the first 4) and hyo (last 3). Une fois séparés, les sabres se nomment Tokai et Tohyo. Once separated, the swords are called Tokai and Tohyo. Il est détruit par l'ex roi rouge. The two sword style eliminates the weakness of the single sword style. It uses heavy, lightning-quick blows which aim to inflict immense damage upon opponent, and can even splatter limbs if enough force is poured into the strike.


-  Hokuto Seven Stars

Hokuto Seven Stars

Hokuto Seven Stars (the other stars)

Tokito first star

Hokuto Seven Stars (First Star)

Hokuto Seven Stars is a technique that commands even death itself. There are seven blind spots in a human beings Hokuto Seven Stars; links these blind spots together in vicious sword strike combinations forming the hokuto shichisei constellation.

Tonro: First star; Komon: Second star; Rokuson: Third star; Mongoku: Forth star; Rencho: Fifth star; Mugoku: Sixth star; Hagun: Seventh star.

- Blue Skies, Silver Nebula

Blue skies silver nebula

Blu Skies, Silver Nebula (2)

Blue Skies Silver Nebula

Blue skies, silver nebula (1)

The True Nature of this attack cannot be concluded, but it seems to be some kind of energy projectile attack.