True Haira






Volume 25, Chapter202







He is a manga-only character. He is the true Haira, as the other Haira seen in the earlier part of the manga and in the anime was a fake, used to keep Haira's true power hidden from Oda Nobunaga.

He and Shindara are the strongest Junishinsho


He is a cruel berserker


Fat haira

Bontenmaru and Haira while playing the Shiritori Game

Haira first appears, chained up inside a dungeon-like area where Hishigi meets them. He eats some of the Mibu scientists after he is freed. Haira later appears and fights Bontenmaru, revealing his gross, fat figure. They begin playing a word game where the winner would get to beat up the loser after each round (the Shiritori Game).
Skinny Haira

Haira reveals his true power, turning into a skinny, handsome man

Although Haira wins at first, Bontenmaru eventually gets the hang of the game and defeats Haira. During that time, Demon Eyes Kyo and Shindara chat about who would win, to which Kyo remarked that Botenmaru would win. However, Haira reveals his true power, turning into a skinny, handsome man. Revealing his ultimate attack, Union Core, he a ppears to have won against Bontenmaru. However, at that moment, Kyo reveals the reason why he knew that Bontenmaru would win - Bontenmaru secretly had a rage form that could defeat almost anyone!


True Haira speed

Haira's speed

True Haira strenght

Haira's strenght

He has an high superhuman strenght (and speed) and for this reason he is considered the strongest Junishinsho

- Original Form

Haira 1st form

True Haira Original / Fat Form

- Grow Me Series (True Form)

Haira 2nd form

True Haira True / Slim Form

Grow me series

Grow Me Series

- (True Form) Hand to Hand Combat (or brute stenght)
Haira brute strenght

Brute Strenght (2)

Haira hand to hand combat

Brute Strenght (1)

- (True Form) 100% Power

Haira-sama 100% power

True Haira 100% power

- Ki Control

Haira Ki


- Union Core

Union Core

Union Core(1)

Union core

Union Core (2)

It resembles to Dragon Ball's Ki Blast


Fake Haira and Makora
Vital statistics
Title Fake Haira
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Junishinsho
Health Healthy
Level Superhuman Strenght (is capable of lifting a huge boulder with one arm and is able to stop a hemorrhage with muscle strength), is Skilled in using his Five Swords like Boomerangs called Houyokuushi
Status Deceased
Location Aokigahara Forest
 2) Fake Haira

He is a member of Junishinsho


Similar to both the fake Mekira and the real Indara, he was cruel, which was evident when he killed one of his soldiers for running away from Yukimura after being given the option to flee. This angered Yukimura Sanada, which led to the fake Haira's death. Yukimura cut him in half vertically.


Haira wielded five swords like boomerangs called Houyokuushi

Aside from his superhuman strength, he had no special ability (although he did seem to self-cauterize a severed arm during battle).