Genma Kido
Genma Kido
Vital statistics
Title Genma Kido
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Head of Three Coloured
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Swordsman
Status Deceased
Location Ippokanzura Mountain
Genma Kido is the head of Three Coloured


He has green hair and eyes. He wears a black kimono


Genma personality

Genma personality

He is evil. He wants only the power


His task is to awaken fully Demon Eyes Kyo in view of the fight with "that certain person" (Nobunaga Oda)


He was easily deafeated by Red Tiger

Abilities / Notable Attacks

- Dark Combat Spirit

Dark Combat Spirit

Dark Combat Spirit

A technique that increase by ten times the strenght of Genma Kido


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