Birthplace Mibu Land
Residence Onmyouden Castle
Race Mibu
Birthday November 1
Age 35 (by appearance), the same older as Muramasa
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 Kg
Blood Type AB
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobuo Tobita
Professional Status
Trained Shinrei
Team(s) Head of Taishirou
Occupation(s) Head of Taishirou, Swordsman, Necromancer
Partner(s) Hishigi (in battle)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #19, Chapter #149
Two Swords
 Fubuki is the leader of the Taishirou as well as being the father of Tokito and brother in law of Muramasa. He is also Shinrei's teacher.


Fubuki and his cat
He has long white hair. He has a Tilaka simbol on his forehead. He has a cat on his shoulder (he resurrect a dead cat with Necromancy in vol.18).

Fubuki4 small
Normally, he wears a violet kimono and a yellow foulard. When he fights, he wears a violet kimono with a white cloack and an armor on his shoulder. He equips two swords


Muramasa, Fubuki and Hishigi

Muramasa, Fubuki and Hishigi were once best friends

Fubuki was once Muramasa's best friend. He was a kinder man before Muramasa left the Mibu Clan.

Samuraideeperkyo v19 081

The relations between Fubuki and humans

Fubuki is not interested in maintaining the mutual relationship between the Mibu and the humans.

He doesn't care about the many lives that will be lost once he starts a war between the two forces.

Fubuki and child Shinrei

Fubuki is Shinrei's teacher in Mumyo Saikyou Ryuu

Fubuki and Shinrei

Fubuki and Shinrei

Fubuki is also the teacher of Shinrei
. Shinrei was his beloved pupil. He wielded the powers of water and wood. He is a master of Mumyou Saikyou Ryuu, just like his student Shinrei. Fubuki is far more powerful than Shinrei.


Fubuki, Hitoki and Tokito

Fubuki is also Muramasa's brother-in-law from his marriage to Hitoki, Muramasa's sister. Despite her ill health, Hitoki bore Fubuki a daughter, Tokito, though Tokito plays off as Muramasa's son.


Samuraideeperkyo v19 043

Fubuki is first seen watching Kyo and his allies after Kyo defeats Chinmei

Fubuki is first seen watching Kyo and his allies after Kyo defeats Chinmei . He proceeds to find Chinmei and heals him as well as revive a dead cat that was nearby.

Fubuki kills Taihaku

Fubuki kills Taihaku

Sdk v33 095

Hotaru almost got killed by Hishigi

He kills
 Taihaku who was defeated by Benitora (Red Tiger)  because Taihaku wanted to follow Kyo's group to confront the Sendai Aka no Ou. When Kyo and his party arrived at Fubuki's lair, they were confused as neither he nor Hishigi were there. As it turns out they both were there and Kyo and his party noted the fact after Hotaru almost got killed by Hishigi.

Hishigi and Fubuki88 small

Fubuki and Hishigi welcomes Kyo and the others

Fubuki vs Shinrei

Shinrei vs Fubuki

Fubuki welcomes all of them and tells them they will all die
Shinrei confronts Fubuki and fights with his former teacher. Even though Shinrei had his inner potential released and gained a strength boost by his brother, Hotaru, Fubuki still proceeded to defeat Shinrei. Fubuki explains to Kyo's allies the true nature of
Fubuki and Hishigi vs Kyo

Fubuki and Hishigi vs Kyo

the Red Eyes and the truth of the Mibu Constructs. Fubuki and Hishigi fight Kyo who has woken up from his meeting with the Shodai Aka No Ou. He begins to ovewhelm them with his newly gained power speak to his (from learning to speak to his sword). Kyo then uses Suzaku on Fubuki and Hishigi but neither of them are hurt. They both then attack him simultaneosly but instead of killing Kyo they awaken his True Red Eyes. Both of them are injured for the first time by Kyo. After awakening his True Red Eyes, Kyo then defeats the two Taishirou members.


Fubuki is killed by the Sendai Aka no Ou after protecting Tokito from his arrow of light. Fubuki takes the blow and crumbles to dust.

Afterwards, the spirits of Fubuki, Hishigi and Muramasa gather to wake up Julian, ShinreiTokitoHotaru and Yuan (who were "turned off" by the Sendai Aka no Ou).

Powers and Techniques

The invincible Taishirou

"The most Frightening" and "The most Powerful" of the Taishirou

Fubuki max power

He is able to speak with his sword

Fubuki is a strong Taishirou ("the most Frightening". He defeats easily Hotaru and Shinrei).

He and Hishigi often fight together and form a formidable duo (able to put in difficulty opponents as YuanJulian and Kyo)

He is supreme Necromancer and a master of Water Techniques (he taught Shinrei to manipulate water).

He is an expert Swordsman and an expert in Soul Transfer.

In his hearth, he has implanted a secret power up ability.

1) Killing Intent

Fubuki killing intent

Killing Intent

2) Necromancy


Necromancy (1)

Fubuki necromancy

Necromancy (2)

The ability to revive the dead (humans and items, like swords)

3) Soul Transfer

Fubuki can transfer a soul from one body to another

4) Telekinesis

Fubuki telekinesis


5) Super Blow

Fubuki super-blow

Super Blow

With just a puff of air, he destroyed Shinrei water dragons

6) Nail (Claws)

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Fubuki can stretch his fingernail at will and can pierce a person

7) Red Eyes

Fubuki red eyes

Red Eyes (2)


Red Eyes (1)

Fubuki can call out to the Mibu blood within him for significant boost in power, which changes his eyes to crimson red.

8) Mumyou Saikyou Ryuu (School of Water)

Fubuki's control of water

- Water Bunshin

Using high speed, the user quickly creates a water clone that looks just like them and has the clone take their place. Consequently, theenemy's attack will strike the water clone and not the user, confounding the foe momentarily, making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Can also be used to successfully retreat from a battle.

- Suiharyujin (Water-Break Dragon Circle)

Fubuki sends out water in the shape of dragons. The dragons explode and cover the entire field in water. Anyone unlucky enough to be trapped there will be pinned down. The current is strong enough to reopen wounds.

- Mizuha Nanahouryou  (Dance of Destruction)

Mizuha Nanahouryou

Mizuha Nanahouryou - Dance of Destruction

Seven dragons are summoned and fired at an enemy. The dragons enter the person's body and devour them from the inside, saving the heart for last. The dragons move quickly and can kill a person in seconds, or it can be delayed for up to several weeks. It is an "upgraded" version of Shinrei's Water Sevensplit Dragons

- Suimabakuryusen (Water Demon Exploding Dragon Vortex)

Fubuki unleashes a large amount of water dragons that continuously attack his enemies.

- Suiryuu Banjou Heki

Fubuki's true art of water

Suiryuu Banjou Heki

It is an invincible dragon's wall

- Hiryu (Blood Dragons)


Hiryu (1)

Fubuki hiryu

Hiryu (2)

- Dragon Red Tears

Fubuki can use his blood in combination with his water to create the Red Dragon's Tears. This technique causes the water to turn into acid melting anything that touches it.

- Water Absorption

Fubuki's dragons

Water Absorption (2)

Fubuki vs Shinrei's dragons

Water Absorption (1)

Fubuki absorbs an incoming water attack through his palm and then fires it back at the foe

- Mist Creation


Mist Creation

This counter technique for flame attacks where one causes a mist to spring forth that is so thick and heavy it’s like being underwater.

- Water Shock Palm

Fubuki's water shock palm

Water Shock Palm (1)

Fubuki Tashirou

Water Shock Palm (2)

Grabs hold of the victim with the hand and delivers a powerful shock to all the water in the victim's body, wrecking their innards and paralyzing them for a while.

- Kyoukou Hiryuushou (after Hishigi gave his hearth to Fubuki)

Fubuki ultimate technique

Kyoukou Hiryuushou

A combined attack between hishigi's speed and Fubuki's dragons

9) Forbidden Art of the Head of the Four Elders

Fubuki secret technique

Forbidden art of the head of the Taishiro (1)

Forbidden art four elders

Forbidden art of the head of the Taishiro (2)

Fubuki true strenght

The power up deriving by this technique

The user stabs himself through the heart, activating animplanted power up ability, significantly increasing their battle prowess for a brief period. The user dies soon afterward unless they are given a replacement heart.

10) Soul "Awakening" (after death)

Soul Awake

Soul Awakening

The spirits of Fubuki, Hishigi and Muramasa gather to wake up Julian, ShinreiTokitoHotaru and Yuan (who were "turned off" by the Sendai Aka no Ou).