Former Crimson King (Sendai Aka no Ou)
Sendai Aka no Ou911
先代赤の王 Sendai Aka no Ō
Kyoichiro Mibu (true name)
Birthplace Mibu Clan
Residence Onmyouden Castle (Yin-Yang Chamber)
Race Mibu
Age Several thousand years old
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Jun Fukuyama
Professional Status
Team(s) Red Cross Knights
Occupation(s) King, Swordsman
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 26, Chapter 207
  • All Mibu techniques
  • Can create barriers, Mibu blood soldiers (almost invincibles), arrow of light/ki to instant kill a person, can see over Mibu land, can control humans and Mibu, can absorb others Red Cross Knights to became stronger
  • Telekinesis
  • Alchemy
  • True Red Eyes
Glasses, sword

The Former Crimson King (or Precedent Aka no Ou or FCK) is the main antagonist of the manga.

He is actually the first Red Cross Knight, Mibu Kyoichirou and he is one of the most powerful characters in the manga, and the most powerful of all antagonists.


Former Crimson King998 1

He has Red Eyes and hair. He dress a white kimono. He wears a white hat and a red roll-onThe Former Crimson King's appearance changes from time to time. His appearance can changes from a happy-go-lucky bookworm to that of a vicious cold hearted killer.

Sendai Aka no Ou325

Former Crimson King Appearance

This is reflected in his facial expressions (he is drawn without a nose when happy) and glasses (when his glasses are on one can not see his Red Eyes).

- True Form

Former Crimson King True Form610

FCK True Form

By calling back all the Red Cross Knights, The Former Crimson King can access his full power. His power evenly matches that of Demon Eyes Kyo with the mark of the "True Aka no Ou". His appearence also changes drastically.


FCK in the past

He was once a good king

304px-Former Crimson King in the past

Former Crimson King in the beginning (when he was good)

Of the Sendai Aka no Ou, he was portrayed as a great, mysterious, and benevolent King who doted on children and Kyo and even the defects that the Mibu Clan created. He was shown to be very affable with children, even playing with them, similar to First Crimson King.

Former Crimson King and child Kyo

...and with Kyo

Shihoudou and FCK

Former Crimson King made a pact with Shihoudou....

It is not clear when the changein Sendai Aka No Ou truly began, but he reveals that it started because he gradually grew disgusted with the inherent flaws in human nature, especially the human love of violence. He had already foreseen himself becoming evil; therefore, he made a pact with Shihoudou and Kyo to
Former Aka no Ou and Taishirou

Taishiro,including Muramasa, begging Aka No Ou to save them from the death disease

kill him
. He also cried blood, much like Chinmei, an allusion to the idea that both men had lost so much  (literally and emotionally) that there was nothing left inside spiritually. A scene around the same time when Kyo was young also showed the Taishirou, including Muramasa, begging the Sendai Aka no Ou to save the race from the terminal disease which would eventually exterminate all of them. His smile was warm, but his voice was cold as he patted Muramusa on the head saying:"Do not worry. When you all die, I will create a new race more perfect and stronger than this one. So, go die peacefully...". It could be inferred that at this point evil had risen from the kindness in his heart.


Early Life

FCK past

FCK in the past

Being the first combat doll created by the true Mibu, he lived a long time with them, and kill live long without ever intervening, which tore him deeply. Later, disgusted by the internal quarrels of Mibu, he led the revolt of the battle dolls against their few surviving artists. But most dolls disappeared quickly, leaving only Mibu Kyoichiro, who decided to create new ones to set out from his flesh and blood. The first three were: Mibu Kyojiro, Mibu Kyosaburo and Mibu Kyoshiro. After fully recreate the Mibu clan, he decided to take command of the clan by becoming the Red King. Later, he left the direction in Mibu Kyôzaburô and went down very often in the forest to see the "failures" of Mibu clan. He later returned to take over the throne of Mibu Kyôsaburô and became "the former Red King."


FCK frees Shinrei

He easily broke though Hishigi barrier

The Former Crimson King was first seen completely (without being shadowed) in the dungeon where Shinrei was being held. He was apparently reading and decided to break Shinrei free of his cell after Shinrei regained his fighting spirit. Shinrei deduces he is the Former Crimson King because of the fact that he easily broke through Hishigi's barrier.

Former Crimson King vs Tokito

He scared Tokito only with his Killing Intent

The Former Crimson King later has a meeting with the members of the Taishirou. After reading Tokito's mind and knowing of her plans to try to humiliate him, The Former Crimson King proceeds to scare Tokito merely by using his killing intent while in a seemingly calm, good mood.

FCK scares Yuya

He scared Yuya with his Killing Intent

At some point later, while Kyo and and his party were in Hishigi's laboratory, the Former Crimson King goes to see Sakuya He finds that Yuya is also with her and tries to take Sakuya away. Yuya tries to stop him by getting in the between the both of them. The Former Crimson King responds to this by releasing his killing intent, which causes Yuya to collapse in fear. Yukimura intervenes by throwing his sword at the Former Crimson King.

Former Crimson King vs Yukimura

The Former Crimson King later defeats Yukimura easily, suffering no damage but damaged glasses(1)

Sendai Aka no Ou and Yukimura

He is about to kill Yukimura

The Former Crimson King later defeats Yukimura easily, suffering no damage but damaged glasses. As he is about to kill Yukimura,
Kyoushirou stops him and says that he will kill Yukimura and his men as well as Sakuya (this was actually a way for Kyoushirou to keep everyone alive).

FCK True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes

The Former Crimson King later watches Kyo and Kyo's allies battle the two final Taishirou with Kyoshiro and Yuya by his side. He comments to Kyoushirou he should be used to seeing with the same eyes as him (in reference to the True Red Eyes).

FCK arrow of light

FCK Arrow of light

Later when Tokito begs the Former Crimson King to save Fubuki's life, he tries to kill Tokito but Fubuki takes the hit and crumbles to dust. The Former Crimson King then "turns off" the battle dolls that are no longer of use to him (Hotaru, Shinrei, Yuan, Julian and Tokito) saying that if they are of no use to him, the one who created them, they should'nt be alive.


FCK talks to his sword

FCK is able to speak with his sword

FCK strenght


Although he is not of the true Mibu, being the Former Crimson King, he is naturally very powerful: at the end of the manga (before he died, in the last fight with Kyo) he is equal or even stronger that Demon God Kyo. He is a perfect warrior. His strenght and speed are absolute

He has stated he knows all Mibu techniques.

He is a master swordsman (he is the greatest master Mumyo Jinpuu Ryu, for example he can execute three Suzaku at once or three Kouryu at once).

FCK speed


- Red Eyes

Red Eyes

Red Eyes

These are his natural eyes and even when wounded he is seen with them activated

1) True Red Eyes

327px-True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes

FCK strenght with True Red Eyes

FCK strenght in this state

He can use the True Red Eyes to increase his killing intent's power and fighting ability. These are not the True Red Eyes of the true Mibu but that of a Red Cross Knight.

2) Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken (Lightless Divine Wind Style Killer Sword)

These are the basic techniques.

- Mizuchi

An attack that uses the air to cut an opponent to pieces; a sub-attack of Seiryu.

- Shinkiro

An attack that allows Kyo to create illusions, even turning them back on foes who had originally cast them.

3) Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu Ougi

These are the advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on the Shishin, and each has its unique way of dealing damage to enemies.

- Suzaku

Former Crimson King Suzaku

FCK Suzaku (in his Base Form)

FCK Suzaku

FCK Suzaku (in his True Form)

A technique that embodies the legendary red phoenix. Its speed is incredible, as is the power of its flames, and like the legend of the phoenix, can revive itself from its own destruction. FCK was able to summon three Suzaku at once

- Byakko

A white tiger tears an opponent apart with its claws. A superior technique to Suzaku: If the first "claw" misses, the opponent is dragged in by its other "claw" and ripped apart by its "fangs". FCK was able to summon three Byakko at once

FCK Seiryuu and Byakko

FCK Byakko and Seiryuu

- Genbu

A black tortoise entwined with serpents; is both an offensive and defensive technique. Genbu's shell protects Kyo from an opponent's attack, while the serpents bind and destroy the opponent. It is capable of blocking any attack, barring the Kouryu.

- Seiryuu

More than a dozen Mizuchi are projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting Former Crimson King (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver the final blow. FCK can summon three Seiryuu at once

- Four Gods Simultaneous Attack

As the name implies, the Four Gods are summoned simultaneously to attack the enemy. Although powerful in its own right, its merely a precursor to something even greater.

- Kouryuu

FCK Kouryuu

FCK Kouryu

When all of the Four Gods are summoned to attack the opponent simultaneously, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god, the heavenly dragon Kouryu. In addition, the initial summoning of the Four Gods allows the wielder to use their abilities in conjunction with Kouryu for greater results.'  'FCK can summon three Kouryu at once

4) Energy Blades

FCK Energy Blades

Energy Blades

FCK uses his strenght (his energy) in combination with his sword

5) Hearth Sincronization

FCK hearth sincronization

Hearth Sincronization (1)

FCK Hearth Sincronization

Hearth Sincronization (2)

In the case of special people (for example Shamans as the woman loved by Chinmei and Sakuya or Yuya) the FCK share his hearth with them. In this way their life belongs to him (if the former crimson king live, they live and if he dies they dies). But because he has hidden his hearth in a secret place, if one of this people is killed he did not die (then this is not a FCK weakness)

6) Killing Intent / Aura

FCK Killing Intent

Killing Intent (1)

FCK Killing Aura

Killing Intent (2)

The ability to intimidate an opponent using the killing aura. FCK was able to defeat Tokito (that tried to shame him) without moving. It can be compared to One Piece's Haoshoku Haki

7) Willpower

FCK Willpower

Willpower (1)

Former Crimson King has the "power of Gods"

Willpower (2)

It is the FCK aura. With his willpower alone, he destroyed a large section of Red Tower nearly killing Yukimura (he was fighting against him to protect Sakuya). It resembles to Auras of Ki in Dragon Ball

8) Satori

FCK Satori


The power to see though person's heart and to 'hear' what they are thinking. Strong thoughts are like shouts, and easy to hear, while unfocused ones are like whispers, and more difficult to hear, and he can only hear what a person is thinking on the surface: deeper, concealed thoughts are hidden from him. He can use this to 'hear' what an opponent is thinking in battle, enablinghim to time his own moves with the opponents to a much greater extent. It can be compared to One Piece's Kenbunshoku Haki (also known as Mantra, in this case)

9) Sekireigan (Eye of the Wagtail)

FCK True Sekireigan

FCK Sekireigan (when he fights "a bit" seriously)

FCK Sekireigan

FCK Sekireigan (when he "played" against Yukimura)

Using the Sekireigan the Former Crimson King creates multiple images/speed shadows of himself and attacks his opponent from multiple angles. He can use Sekireigan with both eyes unlike Yukimura. Therefore it's power and effectiveness is better than Yukimura's (Yukimura is using 8 speed clones when he uses Sekireigan, the Former Crimson King makes hundreds).

10) Arrow of Light (or Energy Projectiles)

FCK Arrow of Ki

Arrow of Light (2)

Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light (1)

FCK Ki esplosion

Arrow of light (3)

The FCK made an arrow of light from his hand using his Ki (spiritual energy). It can easily pierce a person, killing istantly or create an explosion. It can be compared to Frieza's Death Beam

11) Mibu Blood Soldiers

FCK Mibu Blood Soldiers

Mibu Blood Soldiers (2) (when he is in Base Form)

Mibu Blood Soldiers

Mibu Blood Soldiers (1)

FCK MIbu Blood Soldiers

FCK Mibu Soldiers (3) (when he is in his True Form)

With just a few drops of his blood, the FCK can create hundreds of human sized blood soldiers. They are basically blood logiathat continuously regenerate and can only be put down for good by Mibu, Muramasa's weapons, or by killing the FCK. They are strong enough to fight, damage, and be a threat to even Shiseiten level characters.

12) Complete control over the lives of the other battle dolls

FCK control over the Mibu battle dolls

FCK control over the mibu battle dolls (2)

FCK control over the mibu battle dolls

FCK control over the mibu battle dolls (1)

He can seal away their souls with a single gesture.

FCK control over the Mibu Battle Dolls

FCK control over the mibu battle dolls (3)

13) Creation and disintegration of Matter (Alchemy)

FCK alchemy

FCK Alchemy (2)

Creation and disintegration of Matter

FCK Alchemy (1)

Using his hands, the FCK can create objects out of thin air such as swords, dressers, clothes, umbrellas, etc from at least a dozen meters away. He is also capable of disintegrating objects (or people) he touches with his hands.
FCK Alchemy

FCK Alchemy (3)

FCK Creation and disintegration of Matter

FCK Alchemy (4)

This technique remembers one of Beerus in Dragonball, 'Destruction' (

14) Body Binding

FCK Body Binding

Body Binding (2)

Body Binding

Body Binding (1)

FCK charm of blood

Body Binding (3)

FCK re-absorb Kyoshiro

Body Binding (4)

With his Blood, FCK makes a sort of "charm" with which he can immobilize a human (like Yuya) or also a Red Cross Knight (like Kyosaburo and Kyoshiro)

15) Mind Control

Mind control

Mind Control

He can also enter into the opponent's mind and shows him illusions

16) Telekinesis

FCK telekinesis

Telekinesis (2)

FCK Telekinesis

Telekinesis (1)

17) Barrier

FCK Barrier

FCK Barrier

The FCK creates (with his aura) a barrier to protect himself from enemy attacks. It can be compared to One Piece's Busoshoku Haki

18) Absorption (True Form)

FCK absorption


FCK Absorption

Absorption (2)

The FCK can re-absorb two of his Red Cross Knights (Kyoshiro and Chinmei), increasing his combat stats many times over. It can be compared to Dragon Ball's Absorption

FCK True Form

True Form

FCK strenght in his True Form

In his true form he is equal to Kyo with the mark of the True Crimson King

After absorbing them, he obtains/regains/return (to) his True Form.

19) Immortality



The former Aka no Ou is immortal. The only way to kill him is to destroy his heart, which he has hidden away.

20) Regeneration

Regards to wounds and limbs (arm or leg). It works even if he is cut in half. FCK can be wounded only using a Muramasa sword 

21) Invulnerability

FCK is invulnerable. The only way to wounds him (or kills him) is using a Muramasa weapon (for example Tenro)

22) Enhanced Senses

FCK Enhanced Senses

Enhanced senses

He can see beyond the Mibu world (Yukimura says this in the last volume) so he is aware of almost everything that happens on Earth


  • FCK strenght

    He has more physical strenght than Shihoudou

    Former Crimson King
    bears a striking reassemblance to Sōsuke Aizen, from Bleach, due to facial expression, glasses (they both have glasses when they not fighting seriously), behaviour, sword fighting and power up
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