First Crimson King
First Aka No Ou
Shodai-First Crimson King
Birthplace Unknown
Residence Kyo's Tenrou
Race Mibu
Age Unknown, at least several thousand years old (much older than Former Crimson King)
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Team(s) True Mibu
Occupation(s) King
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #34, Chapter #271
 The First Crimson King (or Shodai Aka No Ou) is Demon Eyes Kyo direct ancestor and the originator of the Mibu Clan


First Aka no Ou
He has very tall. He has enormous black spines protruding from his back. He has crimson hairs and the True Red Eyes are always activated. He wears a kimono of two colors (red and black) and engraved with symbols. He is surrounded by true Mibu children (they have the true red eyes always activated too).


First Crimson King personality

First Crimson King personality

He is a kind and benevolent king. He loves children and Mibu Clan (he wants to save it from extinction)


He is a very powerful spirit who lives in Kyo's sword, Tenro (Sky Wolf). He reveals himself to Kyo during his battle with Fubuki, and tells Kyo of the history of the Mibu Clan; of how it was once kind, prosperous, and powerful, but had degraded into a city of death and destruction created from their warring on each other. It was during this time that the True Mibu created Battle Dolls, much like the current Mibu's mutant experiments except for one major difference; these Dolls were given copy powers of the Red Eyes. By the end of the war, only a few True Mibu stood among several Battle Dolls. These dolls' descendants are now the Current Mibu, who are dying of an incurable disease. He then goes on to show Kyo how to use the True Red Eyes and tells him that he is the last hope of the Mibu Clan


- True Red Eyes

First Crimson King True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes

These are his natural eyes, they are always activated

- Stretching his arms, showed a vision that explain the past of the True Mibu and what happened

First Aka no Ou past

First Crimson King shows True Mibu Clan past

- He has awakened the latent powers of Kyo

First Aka no Ou marks Kyo

First Crimson King awakes Kyo latent powers

(so that he coluld use the True Red Eyes)

- He was able to immobilize Kyo (in Kyoshiro's body) with one hand

First Crimson King strenght

First Crimson King immobilizes Kyo (1)

First Aka no Ou strenght

First Crimson King immobilizes Kyo (2)