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Dr. White
Dr. White
Vital statistics
Title Dr. White
Gender Male
Race Mibu
Faction Mibu Clan
Health Healthy
Level Scientist, Skilled Needles User
Status Deceased
Location Mibu Land
Dr. White is a Mibu scientist.


He has white hair and wears a long white dress (or suit)


He is cruel and evil


Dr White lab

Dr White's lab

He makes experiments to select individuals who will become low-rankink soldiers (of Mibu Clan) and does not hesitate to abandon the "pieces" that he feels "bad" (this "bad pieces" are the Aokigahara forest people, inhabitants)


He was sliced in half by Yukimura Sanada (while attempting to kill Sasuke Sarutobi)


He is a skilled needles (or Acupunctureuser

Dr White needles



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