Demon Child Band
Demon Child Band
Vital statistics
Title Demon Child Band
Gender two member are male and the third is female
Race Mibu
Faction Taihaku personal guards
Health Healthness
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Agility, Skilled Fighters
Status Alive
Location Goyosei Gates
They are the personal guards of Taihaku


Demon child band

They are part of failure experiments of Mibu Clan


Demon Child Band vs Taihaku

First encounter between Demon Child Band and Taihaku

They lived in Aokigahara Forest, killing all Mibu they found. When the Mibu realizing they could not exterminate them with their lowlings, sent the leader of the Goyosei. That leader was Taihaku. He defeated them easily without killing them. After which, he apologized them asking to forgive the mibu clan for his sins and not to throw away their lives. For this reason they decided would do anything for him, even lay down their lives. After the fight between Taihaku and Benitora they offer to accompany many of the child mibu "reject" outside mibu land (in a safe place, thanks to a Benitora pass)

Abilities / Notable Attacks

- Tricolor Severance

Tricolor Severance

Tricolor Severance

It is a combined Attack