Crime Monster

The Crime Monster

Crime Monster is a power enhancing drug formulated from the Mibu’s Laboratory. It was developed by Hishigi so most likely it is mutant growth hormone. Basically this is process to create it described is theory but what it does is not.


Crime Monster is created in a process similar to heroin it is synthesized from Shaman Growth Hormone and combined with Fentanyl, Testosterone, Phosphorus, and Dopamine creating a black sticky substance for intramuscular injection.


When injected Crime Monster bonds with the cells energizing them. The energy released gives the injectee completely random abilities depending on what species of humanoid they are.

When Crime Monster is used by a shaman, it increases the super-human powers they already possess to "god-like" levels, bringing about secondary, even tertiary mutations. It changed everything about them it even their body is physically metamorphosized to better utilize their power.

When used by baseline humans it will result in what's known as a "genetic shift". In other words, it t grants super powers like flight, fire breath, teleportation or increased strength to its users. Like with Shaman the results are completely random.

Crime Monster unleashes the dark side of injectee’s soul. After injecting Crime Monster their only reason for existence is to kill everything and anything they see. The injectee battles like a berserker, ignoring injuries and overpowering enemies with brute strength and force. This effect is similar to possession as while the Injectee is aware of their actions they have no control over it.

While these adverse effects don’t happen to the Mibu however it is just as dangerous if not moreso. When used by Mibu or the People of Aokigahara it doubled their power while at the same time drastically increasing the effect of the Death Disease. When used by children it merely ages the to their prime.