Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion
Vital statistics
Title Black Scorpion
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Three Coloured
Health Healthness
Level Super Strenght, Expert Needles user
Status Deceased
Location Ippokanzura Mountain
He is a member of Three Coloured


He is hairless, he has dark skin and his eyes are without pupils and yellows


He is cruel and evil


His task is fight against Demon Eyes Kyo


Feeling betrayed by Genma Kido, he attemped to attack him and he was killed by White Crow

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Samuraideeperkyo v02 140

Needles (2)

Samuraideeperkyo v02 142

Needles (1)

He is expert in using Needles with which can kill his victims in 4 ways:

1) Death by Internal Burning

thanks to arsenic

Samuraideeperkyo v02 141

2) Death by nightmaric vision

thanks to hallucinogenic mushrooms

3) The smiling death

called that because death is a relief after all the convulsions before that. All victims smile when they die

4) The extreme death

caused by homemade poison. It melts the entire body ( even the bones ) and kills slowly

- Multiple Extreme Death

Samuraideeperkyo v02 156

Multiple Extreme Death (2)

Samuraideeperkyo v02 155

Multiple Extreme Death (1)

It is Black Scorpion's special attack: he emits from the mouth 1000 needles (at the same time)