Bantoji Brothers
Bantoji Brothers
Vital statistics
Title Bantoji Brothers
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandits
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght and Speed
Status Deceased
Location Sengen Village
They are two bandits with a bounty on their heads. Their names are Banji and Toji


Bantoji brothers
Toji (the older brother) is dwarf and in battle uses a sort of blades

Banji (the younger brother) is enormous, he chews an octopus and in battle uses an hammer made with a barrel. 


They wanted to prey the Sengen village but they are killed by Demon eyes Kyo (using an imperfect Mizuchi)






Toji is called "the wind" because he has a superhuman speed (the opponents can't ever tell the direction he will attack from)

Banji is called "Iron Stick" because he has a superhuman strenght (he can destroy rocks with his hands)


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