Birthplace Mibu Land
Residence Onmyouden Castle
Race Mibu
Age Unknown, likley centuries old
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Trained Yukimura Sanada
Occupation(s) Head of Muramasa's imperial guards, Kuramayama tengu
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #25, Chapter #201
 Anri is the Imperial Guard of Muramasa and is the older brother of Yuan (he is the first son of Julian and Ian)


He has white spiky hair (inherited by his father) and wears a yellow sleeveless suit. He has no eyebrows.


Anri, the "Kabuki actor"

Anri, the "Terrible one"

Anri appears during the flashback of chapter 201. The other members of Mibu Clan knows him as the Terrible One

Anri teaches Sekireigan to Yukimura

Anri teaches Sekireigan to Yukimura

Muramasa charged him with involving Yukimura. Anri teaches him the Sekireigan (which the reason for his nickname, the Terrible One)


Anri got his family in a safe place

When Muramasa dies, Anri's only objective is to get his family to a safe place.

Yuan at one point reveals that he has met a woman in Kyoto, Asuka and has had 11 children, with a twelfth on the way


Shirasagi No Hana ("White Heron Flower Technique")

A very high speed technique with an ambiguous nature. But it can apparently be used to block enemy attacks at least.

- Sekireigan (and Sekireigan Duplex)

Lol Anri blitz


By activating this skill, his speed will be multiplied dramatically using Godspeed, creates illusions of himself, and can manipulate time. Sekireigan Duplex provides a speed boost that is twice as large as that of Sekireigan.